The Central Ohio Art Academy is a private school for kids 1st to 12th grades interested in acquiring or improving their skill levels in the visual arts. The school is located in Old Town Reynoldsburg, Ohio and has had many award winning students as well as kids just wanting to "be great artists!"  COAA has served area kids for over 25 years. ALL KIDS ARE WELCOME AT THE ACADEMY.  The COAA also teaches art classes for children through the Reynoldsburg Parks and Recreation Department.  The academy will be adding drawing classes for adults for the 2018 school year. 

Drawing classes are designed to help you​ng students learn the uses of all drawing media: this includes pencils, charcoal, color pencils, markers, pastels, and color pencils. Projects include drawings of the basic four art shapes and learning to “see” shadows on the in-class lighted studies. As the student's progress they work with more detailed realistic studies using graphite pencils, charcoal, and pastels. Classes will include basic color theory as young artists begin to work on colored studies. Work may include original cartoon characters, fun faces, original designs,  animals, zoo animals, and seasonal landscapes.

Painting media will include watercolor, tempera, and acrylic. Students are expected to learn basic techniques used in all media of painting. Work may be presented on bristol board, watercolor paper, or canvas. Studies may be required or of the students choosing.

After students become adept at working with all media and have improved their drawing skills they may work in Multimedia. This step, literally, is multimedia at this academy. We use all standard art materials as well as anything that does not move! Many of the advanced students have had wonderful competitive successes with multimedia. This step is usually a precursor to studies for competitions at the local and state level.

Advanced students as well as gifted beginning students may acquire competitive experience as they move into Ohio State level competitions. When the instructor deems them to be ready they may compete in national and international competitions. This step involves a proven skill set with all media and written permission from parents and the instructor. Many of these competitions are “juried” and a student’s entrance is not guaranteed therefore a certain level of maturity is required at this step. 

Central Ohio Art Academy students have won the Ohio Governor’s Show, Youth Art Competitions at the Ohio State Fair (we have 14 Best of Show winners over the years as well as too many ribbons to mention), Lithopolis Youth Art Show, Franklin County Fair, Fairfield Lancaster County Fair, and the Harford Licking County Fair.  Students have been accepted into the Central Ohio Regional Scholastic Art Competition and the International Space Foundation Art Competition. 

COAA students win or place in almost every competition they enter. Students are well prepared and we are a positively motivated school. Recently COAA placed 12 pieces of student art in the 2017 International Space Foundation Student Art Competition. We have placed 6 students in the 2018 International Space Foundation Student Art Competition. This world wide contest is a juried entry and not all artwork is accepted. There were over 8,000 entries last year from around the world!

Nandi Rowe and Caroline Ryan have entered 15 pieces of art for review at the 2018 Regional Scholastic Art Competition. These artworks represent designs, drawing, illustration, photography, oil painting, sculpture and multimedia presentations. 


Our students are invited to show their recent works at the City of Reyoldsburg Municipal Building Gallery and we participate yearly with Pickerington Barnes and Noble in their Art and Science fairs as exhibitors as well as demonstrators. Donna Boiman and select students will be working on the 2018 AdamH Reynoldsburg City Mural.  The community is invited to participate in this event.

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