​Drawing classes are designed to help young students learn the uses of all drawing media: this includes pencils, charcoal, color pencils, markers, pastels, and color pencils. Projects include drawings of the basic four art shapes and learning to “see” shadows on the in-class lighted studies. As the student progresses they work with more detailed realistic studies using graphite pencils, charcoal, and pastels. Classes will include basic color theory as young artists begin to work on colored studies. Work may include original cartoon characters, fun faces, original designs, local Ohio animals, zoo animals, and seasonal landscapes.

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Painting media includes watercolor, tempera, acrylic and oil. Students are expected to learn basic techniques used in all media of painting. Work may be presented on bristol board, watercolor paper, or canvas. Studies may be required by the instructor for training purposes or may be of the student's choosing.

Multimedia & Competitions

After students become adept at working with all media and have improved their drawing skills they may work in multimedia. This step, literally, is multimedia at this academy. We use all standard art materials as well as anything that does not move! Many of the advanced students have had wonderful competitive successes with multimedia. This step is usually a precursor to studies for competitions at the local and state level.

Advanced students as well as gifted beginning students may acquire competitive experience as they move into Ohio State level competitions. When the instructor deems them to be ready they may compete in national and international competitions.

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